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Custom Home Building

Choosing a home is one thing,

Buiding it is even better.

Custom homes offer a level of personalization that isn’t possible with most other types of housing. You’ll get to choose everything from your layout to your architectural style, which materials you want used in construction, what type of energy-efficient features you want installed, how much insulation needed for climate control – all these decisions will be made by you.

Custom homes also offer much more flexibility in interior design. You can choose the type of flooring you’d like for your home, including natural stone tiles or hardwood floors.

Plus, custom homes are built to suit the way you live, whether that’s large open spaces with lots of room for family gatherings or small private rooms for when you’re in the mood to be alone. The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom homes.

At ICOA our in-house architect works 1 on 1 with you to draw up blueprints and understand your needs and wants for your custom home. And the software we use allows us to take these designs one step further and deliver a 3D digital rendering, so you can do a digital walk through your home before we even lay down the foundation. Our goal is to make you are 100% satisfied with the plan of action by having a complete feel of how your home will look from every angle.


Project Manager

Our Process

Licensed Professionals

Approved by Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and Florida Construction Licensing Board.

Project Management

We make sure each project is staying on schedule and that there is a clear line of communication between our team and the homeowner.


We are here to help guide clients by ordering materials, requesting quotes and managing personnel to effectively build on their lot.


We procure the necessary permits that guarantee the building site is safe and meets the requirements to prevent structural damages to the property.

OUR Team

ICOA is made up of a number of craftsmen including architects, electricians, and carpenters. When necessary we do subcontractor specialists to fill in gaps in our construction team. 

Safety & Security

Safety is our #1 priority. All personnel are required to follow safety protocol including proper use of Personal Protective Equipment.

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